Oh no, it's Brendan... RUN TO YOUR MUMMYYYYYYYY!!! (xshadowflamex) wrote in j_crawfordfans,
Oh no, it's Brendan... RUN TO YOUR MUMMYYYYYYYY!!!


Does anyone know where I can watch the 1937 film Mannequin with Spencer Tracy and Joan Crawford. I live in the UK, so I can't get hold of the DVD. If you have it, can you send it to me?

Many thanks xxx
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I think I watched that on Youtube a while back.
I know, I found it but it came up with the message 'this video has been removed due to a copyright claim by warner bros'. Asses. If they had the courtesy to release the DVD in the UK as well maybe I would have a little more respect for them, but since they don't seem to have any intention of doing that I have to track down things such as pirate copies, youtube uploads, stuff like that. Gosh, I feel like e-mailing them and demanding that they release their films over here so that we can enjoy them as well.

Anyway, I'm going to keep calm and try not to do something crrrrrAAAAAAAzy before I get into trouble.

Thanks so much anyway.