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A Woman’s Face (1941)

A Woman’s Face was a 1941 Hollywood remake of a Swedish movie about a woman with a disfigured face who earns her living by blackmail until something happens to change her life. Joan Crawford plays the lead in the remake, and gives one of her best performances. She’s bitter and bitchy, and vulnerable at the same time. Conrad Veidt contributes a memorable performance as the sinister Torsten Barring, the first man she has ever seriously fallen for. It’s all highly melodramatic but it also has surprising depth, and (for a 1941 American movie) it’s surprisingly morally complex. It starts in a courtroom with Anna (Joan Crawford) on trial, although we don’t know what exactly her crime was supposed to be. It’s told in the form of flashbacks, seen through the eyes of people who are generally not at all sympathetic to her plight. There’s enough uncertainty about the actual events to provide considerable tension, and Crawford’s powerful performance is more than enough reason to see this film. Recommended.

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