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Joan Crawford Star of the month

Visit this web site's tribute to Joan Crawford!

They have a video of her tap dancing in "The Hollywood Revue of 1929" and an interview with her grandson.
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Thank you so much! The interview was lovely and I adored that clip!

Thank you for sharing! What a cool site, The first pic of Joan is stunning!

I wonder who nicknamed her Cranberry and why... anyone know?
I do, I do! [I'm a dork, heehee].

Her friend actor Billy Haines did it - when she was first named Joan Crawford in the twenties, she didn't like it (thought it sounded like 'Crawfish' or something), and Billy said something like "Well it could be worse, they could call you Cranberry and serve you with the Thanksgiving turkey"! And then I guess he just started calling her that! lol I think it's adorable and it's pretty much my favorite thing to call her ^__^
Aw that's cute!